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  • Puts in perspective, eh?


    All the Water on Planet Earth

    Illustration Credit & Copyright: Jack Cook, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Howard Perlman, USGS

    Explanation: How much of planet Earth is made of water? Very little, actually. Although oceans of water cover about 70 percent of Earth’s surface, these oceans are shallow compared to the Earth’s radius. The above illustration shows what would happen is all of the water on or near the surface of the Earth were bunched up into a ball. The radius of this ball would be only about 700 kilometers, less than half the radius of the Earth’s Moon 

  • thedailyfeed:

    Country legend Willie Nelson filled us in on his upcoming 66th (!) studio album, his duet with Snoop Dogg, and what he really thinks goes on in the White House.

    Are there any politicians you would let use one of your songs?
    I like Obama and I like Ron Paul. I like Ron Paul because of his ideas about the war, drugs and nature. Obama, because he went in with a lot of great ideas. I wish he’d gotten more things passed than he’s been able. But I think, all of the sudden, once you’re the president of the U.S.A., they take you into a small room at the back of the White House and let you know they way things are going to be. That’s just what I think.

  • Jimmy Page’s collection from a show in ‘77. Check out his black Danelectro, a staple in his arsenal for years.

  • npr:

    What American Women Do For Work

    Forty years ago, only one in three American workers a woman. Today, it’s one in two. What jobs did all those women get? And how did gender breakdowns change by industry? -Lam Thuy Vo

  • Thank you for the support, after being pumped with millions from our super-rich supporters, all we could afford was this dot matrix print made on our C64.



    The many sad faces of Newt Gincrich: a gallery. Miss u already, Newt.