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  • Guns & Politics.

    Constantly hearing noise from the left, right, and well, wherever the libertarians are in that space about guns.


    Well, I’m kinda tired of it all, because NONE of it is solving anything. Our government will surely screw up with the bills since they can’t even balance a checkbook, and our citizens on all sides will be screwed over.

    A few thoughts:


    We are our own worse enemy. We will continue to find new ways to kill, and most of us won’t use them to, but as the technology gets better, it won’t be one person killing 20, it’ll be one person killing 1000s. That’s how technology works, and at some point we need to understand what is OK from a responsibility standpoint with our weaponry. This also goes for our government workers and what we allow them to use. Our police need to protect and serve, not taser the shit out of protestors or bash down the doors of the wrongly accused the same guns we want to ‘control’ our citizens from having.

    On the subject of government, if it comes time to fight tyranny, guess what will be the most effective way? The internet. A few hackers and a massive social network. MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE THAN GUNS.

    However, that won’t keep small-scale tyranny at bay for most of us (government officials invading our homes, etc.). The argument for these protections may seem antiquated in our day and age, but nonetheless there are many countries in the world that deal with this very real problem day in and day out. We called for freedom in our constitution, let’s not take it away from ourselves. Same goes to those who think the 2nd amendment’s the only important one. There’s 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights, and they’re all important.

    On a side note, printing maps of gun owners in our newspapers is about the biggest mistake we could ever do for ALL of us. Talk about about a failure of privacy on a massive scale, thanks to technology yet again.


    We currently have licensing in place for all sorts of dangerous activities that are important to our society. Motorcycles, boats, cars, tractor trailers, airplanes, trains, welding, heavy equipment operation, banking, stock brokering, law, healthcare, insurance etc. etc. I think we can come up with licensing and training for our gun owners, and I think we could look to them to help provide it. I think the same would go for all our government agencies if not in place, to be sure everyone is on the same level playing field.


    The NRA are a bunch of half-wits that just want to please themselves. Listen to the podcast attached, and realize this was not always so. Go back to a more engaged NRA, and perhaps we can then have more important debates on real solutions.

    To that end, Dan Carlin talks of some solutions related to penalizing the guilty instead of the innocent. He cites the change in culture drunk driving awareness had on society, and using similar tactics. These would address the mental health issues in America as well. Listen to the podcast for all info. Really thoughtful.


    Our daycares have key access, our office buildings have security, so why are our schools lacking on these protections? Well, for one, just like the hugely misguided 'armed guards’ solution the NRA talks about, it would be expensive to do for all schools. But perhaps we can find ways of funding it as I think most parents would like to address it.


    We have a lot to address here, and it’s one piece of the puzzle. I think Dan makes some good points, so I’ll leave that to him to mention.

    Dan Carlin Podcast: